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Goal Visualization Exercises: Make a Vision Board

I always wondered how to make a vision board. I’ve heard so much about them, but I haven’t made one yet. Truthfully, I didn’t know what they were so I googled a vision board, and this is what I learned. A vision board’s main purpose is to provide clarity, focus, affirmation.  In other words, a [...]

Sales and Marketing Advice With Bill Lee the Entrepreneur

**WARNING** The intro of this video is kinda funny… In this episode of The G.C. Denwiddie, I had the great privilege of interviewing Bill Lee McCleskey, the Director of Sales for Mitech Partners, a telecommunications firm. Follow his company on Twitter @mitechpartners. In this video, he offers his best sales and marketing advice to indies. Some [...]

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Lily Feng Shuis.

Lily C. Hansen is one cool enterprising author. Her first book Word of Mouth: Nashville Conversations, a compilation of interviews and black & white photography will be released later this year by Nashville- based publishing company, Spring House Press. What I really love about Lily is her spirit… and her house! Ms.Hansen and I met because [...]

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‘Crash A Book Fair:’ Feb Update

During my vacation in Ghana (read more about the trip here), there were two online conferences I ‘attended.’ The first was the Australian Digital Writer’s Festival.  Check it out here, I have a confession…I didn’t watch many of the live stream videos live. But the good thing is the conference is archived, so I’m now [...]

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Natural Hair Care Abroad: Travels in Ghana

Hello, and I’m sorry for the looong absence. I’m just returning from a month-long vacation in Ghana with the Mr, and it was an interesting time for my hair. My hair has sprouted from my former low cut. (No more TWA!) As a result, doing my hair takes longer. I was in Ghana for four [...]