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My name is G.C. Denwiddie…Allow me to introduce myself.

  • I am journeying to become a full-time artrepreneur, or an entrepreneur who makes a living from their art.
  • I am an indie author, a.ka., a person who proudly self-publishes. (I indie publish children’s books through my indie publishing house, Denwit Publishing.)
  •  And oh yeah, I speak and host workshops about how creativity does the body good, the joys of indie publishing, and the thrill of artrepreneuring.

When I started my creative journey, I had no idea where to begin.


Thankfully (and through lots of trial and error and failure!), I’ve learned a lot on the way and want to make it a little bit easier for those who are interested in pursuing an artrepreneur lifestyle.

The goals of this site are to

  • help indie authors begin and maintain a successful indie publishing career, 
  • empower fellow creatives, and 
  • inspire those interested in an artrepreneur lifestyle to go for it or to continue trucking on their journey.

Thanks for joining me on my creative journey! No telling where we might end up!


I’ve told you about me, now, tell me about you! Let’s connect!!!

I love hearing from you and answering questions! All comments, critiques, and suggestions are welcome!

P.S. The video below is ‘The Hustle,’ my personal video journal about living an artpreneur lifestyle. Thanks again, and I hope to hear from you soon!

**I want to extend a special thank you to HLR Photography for the wonderful photo shoot!

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